Skele’s New Single “Apathy”

For only being in the game for two years, indie-artist Skele has been honing his craft with his impressive sensual melodies, anthemic guitar progressions and heartfelt lyrics. Now, with 2021 here giving opportunity to the rising artist to truly bring out his multifaceted stylization, his newest single “Apathy” has so far put Skele at the top of his game with a classic emo/indie approach that brings us back to the time when the emo-inspired genre truly shined. A nostalgic throwback, if you will, but also with a modern take of today’s more modern sensibility. Those unfamiliar with the powerful genre (mostly acoustic-based in this case) will absolutely fall head over heels for this track and really entice his listeners to keep a close eye on Skele’s past, present and future releases. Doused with clean and crisp melodic guitar swells with perfect digital drums to give the track a sense of flow and continuity, “Apathy” is a masterpiece in its own right with spot-on clever story lyrics, natural raw talent and perfected goosebump-worthy harmonies. Skele has put together a multifaceted signature sound that is all his own with textures that are emotional, gripping and all too relatable. It’s a song you’ll find yourself putting on repeat several times, and could very well be one of those anthemic tracks that could change your life or get you through some of your rockiest times. Either way, “Apathy” is a song that will easily convert you into a Skele fan from the very first listen. And once you take a listen yourself – you’ll absolutely understand exactly what we mean. Give Skele a listen before he reaches the top. You can thank us later. skele · apathy (prod. irby)

Biteki Exclusive: Dead Broke – Perfume (ft. Kais)

One of the most prominent emerging musical artists, dead broke, is quickly set to make a name for himself in the music industry. The talented songwriter presents his newest anthem, “perfume,” featuring kais. The alternative/hip-hop fusion delivers a somber production with soothing instrumentation, atmospheric vocals, and a downtempo beat driven by an infectious acoustic riff. The emotion-drenched vocal adorns the instrumental that shines and sparkles at every turn. This is precisely the kind of record that proves there is no doubt dead broke is an artist to keep an eye on. ”perfume” will capture anyone from the first note and will leave people wanting more. His message-heavy lyricism and wordplay will take listeners on a melancholic musical journey that highlights a failed relationship’s tale. “perfume" is a must-listen-to single as he is set to release more captivating music for years to come. biteki · dead broke - perfume (ft. kais) DEAD BROKE AND KAIS
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